Where can I get inspired?

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Those boring days...

I bet you have ever got yourself looking at your computer's white screen, thinking: "Ok. Here we go. Let's create something cool..." And at the end of the day, you realized that you spent several hours doing absolutely nothing!

Do not worry. If you are a developer, especially a designer, it is almost part of your job.

In order to avoid days like that, I will share, in this article, a list of places where you can get inspired to create amazing things! 😁

1) Dribbble


I decided to start this list with Dribbble because it helps me literally every single day to get inspired and to continue improving my skills. I started my journey on Dribbble as a programmer that did not know anything about creating beautiful designs.

But lately, I really feel better creating my designs and my clients are getting more and more satisfied with my work.

You will find a lot of mockups there. They will inspire you to create modern applications using simple design principles. And if you are a professional designer, Dribbble is an amazing place to share your works and to get hired by likely customers! 👌🏻🎉

2) Instagram


Ok, maybe you were not expecting this. But Instagram can help you discover other designers, programmers, and entrepreneurs that share the content you are looking for. Every day in the "Explore" tab of my Instagram, I see beautiful mockups and design tricks that help me to improve my works and to discover more about the web developers' community.

I recommend you to search for hashtags like #ui, #uidesign, #webdesign, #userinterface, #layoutdesign, and similar ones.

3) Pinterest


Pinterest is a great place to find anything you are looking for - food, photography, design, programming, and more. Like the previous ones, it allows you to save your pins. And an advantage of using this social network is that a considerable quantity of websites implements its features.

Pinterest also makes it easy to implement embed code on your own website or blog. This way, you can inspire other people too! 😮


There are lots of places to discover people, ideas and to get to know what is at the top of programming and designing tools. Hashnode, where this blog lives on, is an amazing place to interact with other people and to improve your knowledge day by day.

If you know other places to get inspired, please indicate to us in the comments! 🤝🤠

P.S. This is my first article written in English. So please go easy on me! 😂

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

I have been thinking about where to find ideas to implement what I have learned so far with CSS animations. Dribble should be good for this.

Thank you for sharing Luiz Filipe da Silva.

PS: Your English is really good as well.

Luiz Filipe da Silva's photo

Thank you! I really appreciate your words and think you will like Dribbble 😊

Tapas Adhikary's photo


Completely agree.. Dribbble is a a great inspiration guide for me to build something cool.. Thanks for sharing!

Luiz Filipe da Silva's photo

Truth! Dribbble helps me understand what is popular and why. Thank you for sharing your experience, Tapas Adhikary 😄